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So we have mass dismantle which i was chuffed about, however if your inventory is full you then have to go round picking everything up which in my opinion takes longer than a normal dismantle in some cases.  how about having everything you dismantle ending in one storage container
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I totally agree! I rather loot one big crate than 50 that are spread out.
For now you just have to keep track of your inventory space.

Or they could make it a queue system where if you have some space, but not enough, you would get the first stuff you marked until it's full and THEN place the rest in a container.
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Or have so when you're selecting things to mass dismantle, it will change color, indicating that it won't fit in your inventory.

  I myself are in the late game and I don't find it necessary to collect these items and would rather have a mass deletion or dismantle bomb to destroy everything.
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I tried to do some mass dismantling today.


I didn't even see them until I came closer.
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The problem with having everything go into one container is that you could build 50 industrial storage containers, fill them all up with whatever, mass dismantle them all everything being placed in one little bin. This would free up all the space where the containers used to be there by defeating the opportunity to use your mind and plan better.
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Is generally irritating to have a ton of floating stupid boxes in a mass dismantle. Even a toggle mode for "only dismantle if enough inventory space" would be good. Maybe even use the same interface as for the scanner so u can toggle the mode on the dismantle tool.
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