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I'm not playing experimental. I have 2 save files/worlds, 'first game' and 'World 2', and the autosaves corresponding to each file/world. When I started playing tonight, I was prompted to cloud sync and so I did, as what happens each time I start up. My 'first game' and it's autosaves were successfully imported but I lost all of 'World 2', the save file I'm currently playing most of the time.

There were 2 folders in the SavedGames folder, common and a folder named as a long list of random characters. The common had all my 'first game' files, and the second folder was empty.

The SavedGames_Bak folder had an old version of World 2 so I didn't lose everything but lost a day's worth of playing. I also had an even older backup I made myself.

When I finished my last session I briefly loaded into my 'first game' save before I closed the game. Not sure if that had anything to do with 'World 2' disappearing.

In the mean time I guess I'll just do manual backups everytime I have a session.

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The game isn't really designed to understand two different saves like that. Most players just have one playthrough they play with and/or restart later and wipe it all. You're kind of creating your own unique problem with your odd save setup and you'll have to figure it out yourself. It's not the game's fault you're trying to manage saves in a bizzare way.
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I'm just reporting the circumstances. At some point during my first world, I felt like starting a fresh playthrough, so I started a new world. I think that's pretty normal. The old save file was hanging around just as a natural consequence. I wouldn't have thought to delete my old original file when I stopped using it.

If the solution is getting rid of my first playthrough that's easy enough to do. Regardless I think it's best practice to do regular manual backups anyway, due to the in-development nature of the game.
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