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If I place splitters/mergers on an existing conveyor belt, its automaticly managing the connection between conveyors and splitters/mergers. So far so good, theoretically. 

But, there's a huge mess in this feature:

If you remove such a placed splitter/merger, its trying to fix the conveyors again, by rebuilding the conveyor belts (any ressources on the conveyor are lost!!) but looks like to me, its putting more than one conveyor belt into others, they act as a single one if you remove them.


Items delievered now, are bouncing forward  and backward. Im not sure if it's just a visual bug, since I noticed different results.

Solution: Rebuild conveyor belts everytime you remove a splitter/merger placed on an existing conveyor belt.


If you place more than one splitter/merger in a row, there's no solution other than placing splitters first (need to stack from ground....) and make some room between them, so you can manually connect everything...which kinda makes this great feature completely useless..

PS: conveyor belts sometimes even go through the attached splitter.

For me, this bug is one of the worst, since the workarround takes so much more time to build. Thanks for looking into this.

Cheers ./K

EDIT: added video youtube 

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I’m used to work with this feature lot and have observed OP description many times  However it does not happen always and when it happens I had never any problems with it. When you detect  it you can repair it or you can just ignore it, from functionality it does not have any impact. Therefore often I don’t even get notice about. For sure when I see it whilst re working on some belts then I repair it but it’s not really big deal to do.
So I think yes it is an visual bug but not as bad to say the feature is useless.
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thanks for sharing your experience, I didn't mean, it's useless, only if it's not a visual bug and Im not sure about that. The other thing I pointed out, that you will lose your items, if the belt gets adjusted by using this feature, could you also notice this? --- I mean, it's neither a big deal by loosing a few items.
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I agree it is a bug, but when I read your conclusions I was motivated to moderate it a little, as from my point of view it is not as serious as you mention.
But to be honest I never realized that you don’t get all parts back on dismantle.  Well, it wouldn't bother me too much either.
Another thing is also true, the more you build the less you will see it, as with experience you not have to readjust your designs as much as used to.
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yeah, noticed while building my main bus, which i dont need to adjust.
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