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Another game that I play has a feature that I feel would fit Satisfactory's theme quite nicely.  In Space Engineers, rovers have a mechanic where you can hold a key to compress the vehicles suspension.  When you release it, the suspension release causes a vehicle bounce.  When the vehicle is moving this can be used tactically to get over small obstacles.  While it doesn't make much sense for the sugar cube or the trucks, it would fit Explorers very nicely.

There is gameplay in this as well.  Timing would matter a lot as you'd have to time the charge up of compressing the suspension while driving to the obstacle you wish to bunny-hop over.  Too much and you end up in a tree, or upside down, or worse.  Too little and you look silly. There is so much potential for mischief, fun, and self inflicted misfortune with a feature like this.

Use cases:

  • Jumping over rails in the explorer, which beats having to exploit collision boxes by placing rails slightly underground to create "crossings".
  • Getting over 1-high conveyors
  • Getting the explorer over small obstacles, unstuck etc without having to disassemble or use explosives.
  • Fun.  When poorly executed, things could get so much worse.

I've been switching between SE and Satisfactory and find myself wishing for something like this.

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