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Currently when you add a new station and connect it to the main track it gets added on the list of available stations. However when you have over 40 stations it starts to get really messy and you have to get kinda creative with the names to at least somehow manage the mess.

Currently the way I mange this is by adding prefixes and brackets to the station names (and trains) to recognize what is each station good for. For example this is one of my station names:


What does it mean?

  • Well the [B] is there to help me seperate individual factories. Each factory has it's own letter, which allows me to determine which station/train belongs to what factory.
  • The {} brackets mean that this station exports stuff, while stations with () import stuff.
  • And the bracketed letters are abbreviations of the items each Freight Car is carrying. In this example its:
    Locomotive;[Encased Industrial Beams];[Rotors];[Motors];[Modular Frames]

You can also combine the brackets when you import export on one station.

Anyway, you can see that this system only works on trains with up to 5 Freight Cars, the names are ugly and are limited by max char count and also you either need a good memory or an excel sheet where you keep track of what each factory letter is and what all the abbreviations mean.

However, I have couple of suggetions that could make this experience better:

  1. Allow us to reorganize the list of trains / stations
  2. Color the trains and stations (atleast the icons on the map, just like beacons)
  3. Add sections/groups to the list so we can put multiple stations/trains under one group (refering to the [B] symbol where I know what stations/trains belong to what factory)
  4. Some sort of tags or extra information for trains and stations where I can clearly determine what resources are being exported/imported

Sorry if this is a duplicate, couldn't find anything related. 

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Coloring train icons in the map would be great, sometimes I want to find where one particular train is and the only thing I can do about it is to point at every single train in the map to check the name. With some 30 trains, it takes a while. And then keep the eye on it or it'll disappear in the chaos again.

Apart of that I posted a suggestion that has some common elements with yours just yesterday:

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Oh well, I couldn't find your post anywhere so I decided to make a new one.

Anyway, I've read thru your suggestions and I agree on all of them. They would certainly make the experience better. But I'm still hoping for this post to get into devs hands too since I would really like to see additional information on each train and station AND most importantly the grouping, that would reduce the clutter of stations/trains on the list by a lot and help organize the whole train network.
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