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I am using all the crude oil plots in the desert closest to the spawn on the jungle map. All of my oil pumps have 250% overdrive, but one says 300 per minute and another says 150 per minute and is working half as fast. Both have spliters and divide their load between multiple refineries. I don't understand why one is working half as much as the others.
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Nodes can be pure, normal, or impure, with varying amounts of resources by type. For oil, base values would be 60 for impure, 120 for normal, and 240 for pure, If I recall correctly.

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What is the grade of the resource nodes at each?
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Both responses here are a little confusing, I'll try to clarify for you: The oil pumps indeed have a fixed output rate even when overclocked. It's the quality or purity of the node you place it on that determines it's total output speed.
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