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The only reason i like these types of games is the enemies. I dont care about just building a giant base, I need a reason to build it, and to protect it. I dont see any point in playing withouth an enemy to face. First i hoped that the developers were looking into that, but from what i can see online, most people here just want to build and the developers seems to be focusing on this particular group and thats fine ofc. But i would like my money back as i simply didnt get what i expected, a true fp factorio game.
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How much did you play?  Yes, there's no base defense but don't say there's no enemy to face if you haven't run into a bunch of spiders.
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Devs clearly stated even be for the game got beta release, that there won't be any base defense !
How you did miss that ?!

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No one ever advertised anywhere there would ever be any form of base defense. You imagined that in your mind. This game is -NOT FACTORIO- and has absolutely nothing what so ever to do with that game. If you came in to Satisfactory expecting a complete clone of Factorio then that was your big problem.
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you can expect what you want, but in real life the rules are that you don’t know how to read, think, corny find information on YouTube - that means suck
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