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I have just loaded a game I saved the other day for the first time and I found a "clone of the player" in front of me and I loaded inside the hub having lost all of my equipment I worked hard for

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Satisfactory was unable to connect to the internet when you started your game and that caused this issue.

Alternatively if you have a software firewall provided by any anti-virus, add an exception for the EXE for Satisfactory, or just disable it completely. Those sometimes block Satisfactory from having internet access.

The game must have access to the internet when you start the game to prevent this from happening.

This is -NOT- a bug with the game. You just didn't realize about the required internet connectivity thing. Also this has been asked and discussed at least 50+ times on the Q&A forums here, and even answered multiple times. You should search first before asking a new question next time.
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Can you guys stop being jerks. He does not know what happen and asked and explained what he experienced. If that happen to me I would not have known it was a internet thing.
You answered him so well in the first 3 paragraphs and then slam him in the end with what everyone says here, DO A SEARCH BE FOR ASKING. And you guys are right. But some people don't know what even is happening to them like this guy. Maybe next time just help people out and stop slamming them.
Besides they came here joined the forms and are trying to be apart of the game and forums. That's a good thing don't push them away for asking for help.
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No one is "Being a jerk". It's literally right there on the right side of your screen in white text on blue background. It's actually sort of a rule here on the Q&A forums:

"Please use the search function before posting a new question and upvote existing ones to bring more attention to them, It will help us a lot. <3"

If it's already answered, go read those instead of making new comments. This is a very common thing that has been posted a lot of times and has the same internet connectivity issue answered many times.
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Hey, i am having a similar issue.


if you remember where you left your old body just dispose of the other you, so not murder but not quite suicide either, hmm. kinda a grey area in video games. And collect all your goodies.
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