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Long story short: Make power like in Industrial Craft addon for Minecraft

Energy as transferable units instead of potential units

Implement energy as transferable resource like items going along conveyors.
With such implementation new mechanics can be added:
  • Energy storage (Batteries)
  • Different cable tires
  • Different voltage
Basic rules:
  • Everything that produces or consumes energy has its own very limited energy storage.
  • Energy is the same resource for machines as items for crafting. To perform work machine must charge enough energy.
  • Unlike items on conveyors, energy is transferred "by request". Power consumer takes energy from nearest connected sources to charge its own energy storage to perform work.

Energy Storage

Energy can be stored in batteries as resource. Batteries have energy input and output nodes.
Batteries can have multiple tires differentiated by input and output limits and storage capacity.

Cable tires

Cables can have multiple tires differentiated by power loss and transferring capacity:
  • Low voltage cables - low loss, low capacity, highest price.
  • Medium voltage powerlines - medium loss, medium capacity, higher price.
  • High voltage powerlines - high loss, high capacity, lower price.
High voltage powerlines may damage closest actors when energy is being transferred.
Low voltage cables can be added for later alternative power sources such as solar powerplants which are usually tend to produce low amount of energy per unit and require lower energy loss cables to transfer energy to a storage.

Voltage levels

Different types of voltage can be implemented to make building distant powerplants more interesting and fun.

  • Low / Medium Voltage - Machine operable voltage level
  • High Voltage - Used to transfer energy over large distances. Danegerous.

Transferring high voltage over medium voltage cables will result in cable damage.
Transferring medium voltage over high voltage cables is possible but inefficient.

Some machines can be made to accept high voltage to perform high energy consuming tasks.

Power transformers

Transformers are machines that convert energy from one voltage level to another.
Point of using transformers is to transfer energy across huge distances over cheaper cables with overall lower energy loss. Transformers can draw or produce high levels of voltage which can be transferred over high voltage cables.
Medium voltage machines can be damaged if those are trying to draw current from high voltage output of a transformer.
IMO: Burning cables and destroying machines by happy little accidents is always fun.

Power reporting

With this implementation, power reporting can be made by monitoring energy flow through powerlines and/or monitoring power charge level and flow on machines and power sources.
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How would this work with train tracks that currently serve as a "long distance" energy transfer? Would you discard the tracks as energy medium or just have it as some sort of isolated high voltage that won't harm close by actors?

And while this is an interesting idea I don't think they are going to scrap the whole power system that's currently implemeted and redo it to this thing. But this could be a sick mod to make the game a bit more harder.
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Train tracks could have higher power loss along distance than HV cables. This way player would have to make HV powerlines along with train tracks to charge rails. The train itself should have internal battery to run unpowered for some distance.
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I have concerns about how much lag would this change add, not giving much in return,
Energy storage, Different cable tires,Different voltage can all be implemented without changing our current power system, i bet there were already topics about them separately
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I don't think such system will get any lag unless you implement it really bad. Instead, adding multiple power cable systems will make players build more separate power networks like HV and MV networks. Which in result will get smaller node graphs to traverse for powersource search.
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