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From the dozens of hours I put into Satisfactory, I really love the game. I wish I could play it more, but some friends who work in network security and the like have convinced me that the launcher that shall not be named is not something I want on a computer, even if I keep my data well protected. I just saw that there was an update that changed how saves were stored and I think how they worked.

My question is, assuming that X amount of time down the line, Satisfactory releases on another platform, or the current platform it is on has less controversy surrounding it (not to say anything definitive about the current platform). If I wanted my saves (I don't think I would ever play the game again if I lost all that progress, honestly) to still be available to me in the future and possibly on another platform, would I need to open the game now and keep them updated? I already have backed them all up, as per the blog post.

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Cloud saves are a thing that's managed by Epic Games

Save compression is a thing that we did ourselves at Coffee Stain

Both things are separate, and the save compression is something that will carry over on any future update for Satisfactory, if you want you can back up your uncompressed saves and back them up again when compressed, but we will be using the compressed saves moving forward.

Hope this helps :)
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To be completely honest, epic games store doesn't have cloud saves working perfectly, i still get a warning about file conflict, even though both have the same date stamp.
That said, any "controversy" with epic is long gone, pathed away, but no one looks at path notes or news dates these days.
As for if your save will survive for the x years, i recommend opening up satisfactory once every big update rolls around, but as long as your save doesn't come from experimental, someone from the forums will always be able to recover it.
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