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Hey Coffee Stain,

Since the cloud saving update, I have been relying on it to save my factories and every time I'm prompted on loading I choose to use the "download from the cloud" option. Seems to have been working fine up until now.

Today when I started playing I realised that the save process screwed up somehow because I've lost a day or so of progress. The factory I've built is still there, but the work I did in the last day has reverted to what was there before.

The timestamp and date on the file when it prompted me to download matched up to the time I last finished playing, so I assumed the data would be correct, but it's not. I'm not sure if it's a problem with communication with the server, that the server has an old save file whose date was changed to match my most recent session, or if it has something to do with the compression of saves, but I'm almost certain it's on the server end.

The problem is if every time I use cloud saves from here on out and I can't be certain that the next time I load up there's no chance I've wasted my time to get nothing done in the game, I'll probably step away from what is otherwise an awesome game. I hope this issue is resolved in short order because visible progress is a critical part to the gameplay loop and enjoyment in this game.

Thanks for your time.
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I have got this the last couple of days and always used the one saved to the cloud(as it states that is the latest one and had no issues.

I think it could occur if you close your game and shutdown/sleep your computer before its had a chance to sync fully.
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Ahhh that might have been the problem, because I did turn the computer off pretty quickly after finishing.

I used the last day doing the same thing I did the day before, saved and quit, made a copy of the save file, and rebooted the game using the cloud save to see if it actually did save my progress. It seemed to have worked, so maybe this was just a one-off hiccup which your explanation would fit.

I'll keep saving a secondary copy to my hard drive to use in the event of a loss of progress from the cloud, but if that's the case, maybe it would be better to just forgo the cloud save functionality for me. I don't know, that's just me thinking out loud. Thanks for the info anyway.
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I'm still getting Cloud Sync issues. I close the game normally, change machine and it is always hours out or in one case a whole session went missing. I now fear the cloud sync as it has made hours and hours of progress vanish on 2 occasions and I am staying clear of it

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Me and my friend actually got the same bug, but i really think it's related to the fortnite event and the crash of the Epic games launcher.

We lost 1h30 of gameplay kinda sad, but at least we didn't lose the game
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Yeah maybe. I don't know. I just realised that parts of my factory had gone back to what they were before and I was thinking I'd somehow forgotten to manually save before quitting, but I'm sure I didn't.
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I also lost like 2h hours after the Epic Launcher crashed and it seemed to have overwritten every autosave with the same old cloud save. I disabled cloud saves for now.

Luckily I had a save open in the interactive map tool that I could use to restore some of the progress, so shout out to Satisfactory Calculator for being able to download the open saves again ;)
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