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First of all, I do understand that there were multiple questions regarding this matter. After searching those questions, I have found out why people have this problem. Most of the answers were about offline/online issue.

But I think my situation is a bit different than those. I was playing game like always and turned off the game and turned back on (my computer/epic launcher was online all the time). However, when I started the game I chose the wrong option regarding cloud/local data stuff just to find out what the difference is (my biggest mistake while playing this game) and my recent progress that took more than few dozen hours were gone and went few weeks back. So, I copied my backup savefile (even though this was outdated too but still it was recent file than the other one) and pasted to the localappdata folder. As I went into my world, my inventory was empty (it had more than 2 dozens of hard drive and multiple power slugs due to the recent expedition throughout the world) and of course, all of the activated/accessable alternative blueprints were gone.

I have experienced this error before and I didn't really care since the items that were in my inventory at that time was things that can be made of unlimited resources and it wasn't so hard to make the same one. And when I was just playing game as always I found my "ghost" (which by the way freaked the hell out of me at that time) in my home and killed it, which gave all of my items back. However, this time it is different since hard drive and power slug isn't part of the "unlimited resources".

So, situation has been explained and here is my question: HOW THE HELL CAN I FIND MY GHOST?? Like I said, I was running through the whole world looking for hard drive so it is almost impossible to find relying on my memory when I backed up that file. Since it is my mistake, I wouldn't mind about the part where my work progress regarding restructuring my factory (of course, if there is a way to find my previous cloud file, that would be best) is gone but losing limited resources is critical. I have also tried using interactive map to find my last location but it didn't show anything but HUB, which was my spawn spot.
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