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Today, after playing for hours I saved the game and logged out.  I had been saving it all along, several times an hour in fact.  I wanted to go back in, and when I did I was several hours in the past.  In fact, the game that loaded was from 7:30am and my last save was 4:30pm.  Ouch.  Looking at my local save files, I can clearly see the 4:30pm save game.   my question, how do I load a local save file to get my game back?
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same here mate.  worked my ass off and now its gone.....
but honestly, as i cannot sleep, i am at it again right now. I don't think they will get us the saves back so i might as well redo my work as it's still fresh in my mind.

but if more had been lost.....my mood to continue playing this build would have gone for good
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ya, that is true.  I am looking at the map trying to figure out where I got all of those slugs.....
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oh god...... having to do that again, or getting the hard drives would be a real pain in the a**.
I am now heading to bed after i restored about 80% of the construction that i lost....
complete relocation and expansion of nuclear powerplants including railways etc....
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I found only a few of those little guys again.   sigh.  I do my best hunting just by wondering around and looking in all of those high places.  So many can be found in those hard areas.   Rebuilding is almost complete......again.... lol.  Happy Play TIme!
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ugh.  My game hasn't been saving anything for the last few days. on the 15 Nov it was fine. Loaded it up on the 17 Nov to find everything I had done on the 16 Nov was gone (!), but carried on, re-doing what I'd lost. Now opening it on the 18 Nov I find that everything since 15 Nov has gone.

Don't really have the energy to try again, especially as I have no confidence it will stay
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