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Mk 1 belt speed is 60 resources/minute, Mk 2 is 120, Mk 3 is 270, Mk 4 is 480, Mk 5 is 780.

1, 2, and 4 follow a standard pattern of doubling the speed of the previous upgrade (well 3 doesn't EXACTLY, but it does double what Mk 3 SHOULD be).

So my suggestion/request/feedback/whatever is to NORMALIZE/STANDARDIZE the upgrade speed for each tier.

At the current moment, Mk 3 belts transporting 270 resources SURPASES the output efficiency of Mk 2 miners by about 30/minute (on a pure node).  Ideally, the Mk 3 belts should transport at 240/minute (which not only keeps it in sync with Mk 2 miners on a pure node, but also 200% overclock on a normal node).  Furthermore this keeps the belts in an easy pattern that one can estimate ahead of time.

So to keep the pattern as DOUBLE the speed of the previous tier the belts should go as follows:

Mk 1 - 60, Mk 2 - 120, Mk 3 - 240, Mk 4 - 480, Mk 5 - 960, Mk 6 - 1,920 (and assuming we go up to say mk 10...) Mk 7 - 3,840, Mk 8 - 7,680, Mk 9 - 15,360, Mk 10 - 30,720.

In short....BELTS SHOULD NOT RANDOMLY GO FROM 120 -> 270 -> 480 -> 780 IT DOES NOT MATH RIGHT!!!!!!! (also it messes with my OCD hahaha)

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I understand the "OCD" part but I believe these arbitrary values were selected for game balancing reasons.

In particular the first odd value of Mk3 belt may have been intentionally increased to accomodate Screw production and delivery since it's the first high production rate/high demand material and perhaps devs felt like there's way too many belts needed to deliver them at that stage of progress.

I'm not sure what led to choice of 780 as transfer rate for Mk5 but it might have been game performance concerns at the time of their introduction which happened before the last performance update and before splitters/mergers got their internal storage.13 items per second is indeed quite an odd value.
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You seem to also not be accounting for overclocking. Remember you can potentially get a MK3 miner up to 1200 ore/minute on a pure node with maximum overclock. Even a MK5 belt can only go up to 780 Ore/minute extraction rate. So no, we can -NOT- surpass a miner's maximum efficiency even with the best belt in the game at the moment. Even a MK6 belt (which is planned to be released in the future) can go up to 900 Ore/Minute. Even that still can't max out a max-overclocked pure-node mk3 miner either.
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