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I'm currently running on 1 normal ore per type of resource. The only upgraded miners are coal (which become redundant after fuel unlock) and iron ore. I've unlocked tiers 5 & 6 and have created one giant base on desert.

I'll be soon working on efficiency but right now I run whole factory on one manufacturer for frames and one for oscillator. In other words if I would upgrade my miners to lvl 3 I could probably run whole factory with 1-2 iron miners.

Considering there are dozens of iron nodes my question/suggestion is about high output.

Is normal output for miner (60) too high?

What output you think should be for small sized factory?
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I think the output is fine. You are under no obligation whatsoever to use every resource node you find, or every power slug.
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There are plenty of people obsessing about how wonderful their mega-factory is and how there aren't enough resources.

Perhaps when you get further in the game you may want more, but for now if you've got what you need than that's enough :)
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I think it is fine as well.  
Well you would think that, but wait till you need 1,000 part of this and or that. Then you go wow I need to find another node. Early and mid game yes it is fine. But when you need 3 to 6 reinforced iron plates or what ever you need. It is needed...
Just my option...
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