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I have spent quite a bit of time trying to find the 'Stitched Iron Plate' recipe in the MAM by constantly reloading my save but i can't seem to find it. I already have the 'Reinforced Iron Plate' recipe, is that why I cant find it?

If so, is there any fix or solution without having to restart the whole game?

Note: I noticed someone else posted a question about this back in march. But no one answered.
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You may simply be the foil of an unfriendly RNG.

One thing you can do is look in an assembler to make sure you haven't actually got the recipe already but had forgotton about it?
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Just double checked.
Can confirm I do NOT have the stitched iron plate recipe in the assembler.
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I just tried using a save editor to switch any mentions of 'ReinforcedIronPlate1' to 'Alternate_ReinforcedIronPlate2'. This seems to have worked as the stitched recipe is available in the assembler. The problem is that I don't know if using the save editor will affect the game later.
I am wondering if Its worth restarting just to get the better alternate recipe?
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While I don't know the details, apparently alt recipes may have requirements on achieving certain tech level in the game or on opening other alt recipes. In my opinion the best approach is just to go and collect more hard drives as there's way more of them than alt recipes total in the game. It may even be more entertaining and less time consuming than the save reload approach.

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Why don't you just collect more hard drives and unlock all alternate recipes ?

Be warned, using save editor can have side effects later in the game.

There was in past other person on reddid, have unlocked recipe and later it got broken.
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