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This game is beautiful and I don't think I have to say that.

The way every machine is build makes it look from the far future and that includes transport !!!NOT THE TRAIN!!! and this is what i mean.

The model we are currently playing with is old and boring it looks like a train that can pass next to my house and it would be totaly normal.

The tall train model that was used in one of the first videos ever about trains it was amazing I was looking so much forward to it that I was pretty disappointed.

I mean just look at the big trucks NICE but the train is nothing in comparison it is just not ascetically pleasing when you put it next to the rest of the game

so if possible change the train back to that futuristic model (<not anymore see edit 1:)
this is the design !!!Traindesign!!!

PS:(make the train bank a little more in the turns It gives the feeling that it goes faster)

edit 1: As it seems that some of the answer have enlighten me about this subject to not waste the work they put in the trains (and I don't me that it is a waist) maybe they could implement the old train as a tier 2 train maybe it can hold more and is maybe faster uphill and has more pulling power, but it runs on oil or something, diesel engine or even nuclair? (but that would mean i can't admire it from up close, so maybe not that) xD

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For me the trains in the preview were a HUGE turn off. Seeing the final version turned trains from 'avoid like the plague' to really neat. (And the performance made them the centerpiece of my transportation for my subsequent play throughs.)

I just wish there was a diesel locomotive option.
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When it comes to aesthetics, I like the current model over the original one. The original was giving me strong top heavy and unstable feeling.

And apart of aesthetics, the original train was extremely tall. The station buildings would have to be almost twice as tall as they are for the locomotive to fit under the crane and in my opinion, they're big enough already.

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The developers went to a lot of hard work and man hours to change the trains in their image. And you're just going to insult them by saying "Hey you wasted all that time, we don't like it, change it back". Really? Did you even think about your request before you wrote it?
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Obviously he did not think about it.
It is really shame they removed down vote option !
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Playes have right to have their personal opinion, including the opinion that the old model is superior to the new one.
This site is here for players to express their opinion on what they think would make the game better, and to let other players to join the idea by giving it a vote.
In the very end, the decision is up to the developers to consider how much players like any particular idea and if they want to and can blend it with their own idea about where the game should go.
If anything, I am pretty sure developers don't want to scare and disgust away their sugestion and opinion providing community and I think you are damaging the game by acting the way you do.
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It was my choice to say that!
And i never even said they wasted time and i never said WE don't like it!
I said I don't like it!
And i hope there are people who think the same way as i do.

They are doing everything perfectly they got the trains in the game but it just does not look as good in my eyes as the old train!

@Kasuha thank you for defending my opinion.
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You're all entitled to your opinion of course but to ask them to revert the changes and to just dump all their time they invested re-doing the model of the new train would be incredibly disrespectful of their hard work and just plain rude. Voice your thoughts sure but I wouldn't dare ask them to change it back. Remember: In the end it's their game, -NOT- your game. They are under no obligation what so ever to change anything based on what people online say. They may change things but in the end it's their game and they will design things how ever they wish things to be in their image. We can offer suggestions. But in the end we are all along for the ride and just get to sit back and watch things develop over time.
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i can agree with you on that one
wel if i was to change my sugestion would it be better if i say that they should emplemnet it as a tier 2 train of some sort
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