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Hello, i'm Zeejb

I got a few suggestions that might make the game better in a Qualilty of life meaning.

Base statistics

After a few hours of playtime and unlocking the coal burners I inmediatly started looking for a mod that could show some stats to fine-tune my coal burners usage to get the most out of it.

- Electric network stats: graph that displays the usage of MWh of every machines that is connected in the electric network (like factorio). the goal with this is to see wich machines needs the most power and to see wich one fluctuate and needs more fine-tuning

- Production stats: A general overview of how many iron, bronze, coal, etc... your whole factory is producing.

Logistic network:  a verry nice thing to get in the game would be logistics, i'm realy praying this would be inplemented in some way.

my idea about this is to automate kinda everything in the end game (make it verry expansive to setup) like some mincraft mods like Refined storage.

a few idea's that come into my mind and many others by hearing logistics are automation, sorting system and easy storage acces.

the brain of the storage part would be some kind of server racks where u can put in hard drives of different sizes, these hard drive would act like your storage. You need to ook up a computer to acces this storage. to have it all working you obviously need power and a logistic network controller. (a neat feature of this would be a wireless computer so u can acces this inside of the hub)
From this brain u could have some transport belts or pipes running to your machines that request the stuff they need to produce thier recipe OR you could have an additional computer (inside the hub) with all the recipies in it and you can just click on it to let the network make one for you and it gets dilivered trough a transport connection to your hub.

example end game setup:

Ghatering Machines > Smelters and process machines > preset amount to manufacture some basic recipes <> The Brain (logistic network)

and by this players just request some items and the brain starts sending the stuff out to make your requested stuff.

to make and craft all of these things (storage/server rack, storage/hard drive, storage controler, storage acces computer, ...)
you need some end game items like hard drives, circuit boards etc...

additional features:

- a wireless computer inside the hub to acces these things.
-  an inplementation with the previous suggestions of statistics. make sepperate networks that are connected with eachother but you can view those statistics sepperated (like when u got 2 huge iron factiries u could see those statistics sepperated from eachother)

Automated Sorting

Smaller storage units, the current ones are sever meters deep and tall. Every singel item got its own storage drawer/unit. and u got a unit to drop all you stuf in it and gets auto sorted into the correct unit, some kind of logistic system to if you dont like the idea from above 

If you like th is idea give t his a thumbs up and/or leave a reply to even inprove this idea!
sorry for my bad english (not my native language)

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