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I had a friend turn on his game for a while and he afked.  About 2 hours after he afked I logged in and started working on our factories.  Everything was fine no lag or latency the crafting was pretty responsive.  I expected it to be bad since multiplayer seems to degrade over time.  What seems to be happening is the degradation seems be caused by actions taken by the players over time.  I haven't verified anything but also interaction with vehicles seems to cause this latency as well.  Might be something to look into.  The latency I am experiencing over time is the crafting latency where I will craft something and it will not give me the items I craft until 10+ seconds later.
TL;DR lot of networking seems to be based on some sort of performance degradation overtime and not the first time load and I think it's something to do with what actions the player takes over time.  (of course sometimes somethings do not render on your screen, different issue I guess)  

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Scroll down to the second post from July 18, 2019 titled "NETWORK OPTIMIZATIONS" and have a read. The networking is pretty broken right now in-game and they are probably not going to fix this until we get dedicated servers some day. Soon(TM).

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Having read the optimization changes I am not convinced the issue I am reporting has been addressed.  Yes as factories get bigger the performance decreases but this does not seem to be the issue with what I am describing above, this is (network performance degradation) OVER time on an active server.   If the server and or the client is restarted and loaded with the same factory with the latest progress of construction there is latency over time with the inventory systems.  

As stated in the optimization changes they reworked inventories to be updated on request.  This means when you access an inventory data in synced from the server to your system.  What COULD BE HAPPENING is when a player interacts with a new inventory data is being synced with that client but later when the player disengages with the inventory that data is still flowing to the player who accessed the inventory and continues to be synced when that information is irrelevant  Later As the player has accessed many inventories that information is causing latency and slowing down requests for new items to be placed into the players inventory.    It also could be causing latency all over but we move client side locally which causing smooth movement for the local player but if observing another player he is very laggy in jumps from spot to spot.  I believe that happens as well.   TL;DR The inventory syncing fix might have solved issues out of the box but their may be a bug over time with it that needs to be fixed.
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Or you know.. the entire multiplayer system in general is just completely broken as f--- right now and expect it to not work at all when you use it. Just wait for servers. That should fix 90% of this. This is an unfinished / work in progress / early access game, even the normal version of it. You should stop ever using the word "Server" when you refer to multiplayer in satisfactory. There are no servers at the moment. Right now we have Host, and Client.
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I don't know why you are being so hostile?    This board is to help the team better develop the game.    I'm sorry for annoying you with any insight I might have to help the game's developers.
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I've done nothing but share facts and information with you. Multiplayer in Satisfactory is "Very Broken" right now. The developers even acknowledged that in the blog post that I linked to you (and you claimed to of read it). They have said in a youtube video that they are working on multiplayer dedicated servers and "Most of the multiplayer bugs should be worked out with servers". They are not working on fixing multiplayer until servers come out. In the mean time, you should expect anything to do with multiplayer in satisfactory to not work and continue to be broken.

If you see someone sharing information with you as "Hostile" then that's on you.
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I'm sorry if I have misinterpreted your comment.  How I perceived it was that I had not in fact read the link you posted above which i had and found informative and helpful and I was drawing from that post to speculate on a hypothesis for why there was latency over time.  When I replied to your answer the boiled down message was to keep quiet and do not complain they are aware of networking being messed up.   My impressions was this is the appropriate place to share information about gameplay and to share ideas to help diagnose and fix issues.   Tl;dr I am under the impression that I can post here to help devs diagnose issues and improve the game; I am not in fact complaining about the current state of the game; I understand it is a work in progress; I felt that your second comment was directed at my elaboration as not helpful and/or negative in some way.
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