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First of all, the devs of this game are amazing.

Now for the request. I know it has already been asked, but I'm afraid it might get forgotten in the sea of requests, since they are from about beginning of the year, and I believe is one of the most annoying things in the game since the beginning.

Please, see the posts below. It is a recurring suggestion that seems really not that hard to implement.




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Firstly: unless you know the game and it's engine *inside out* do not make glib comments like "seems really not that hard to implement".

Secondly:  Have you looked at the mods website? https://ficsit.app/
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Firstly, I don't understand why people should not talk about their assessment of the cost/benefit viability of a suggestion. I'm pretty sure developers are competent enough to not take it into account and make their own.

Secondly, existence of a mod for a feature is on itself evidence that the feature isn't hard to implement. Especially on a game with no explicit mod support.

And thirdly, mods are a workaround, not a solution. Not all platforms allow mods.
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@Kelsey Thornton
That is why I wrote "seems".
And this kind of 'feature' is already present in the game: the deployment of conveyor lifts are almost the same thing as deployment of bulk foundation, with the small diference that there are 2 axis to choose a pivot.
To implement this pales in comparison to: cloud save files, dedicated servers, mod support, or even a vehicle with hability to automate foundation deployment.

And I concur with every point Kasuha wrote.

and btw, thanks for the mods website url, didn't know it existed.
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