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Hi, I've enjoyed the game greatly.  Probably several hundred hours of gameplay.  I'd like to leave a few suggestions for automation options for vehicles and trains.

- For Trains - in the station scheduler, I'd love if one of the station options a "pause" option that told the train to stay at a station for N minutes before beginning to it's next destination.  I have several short routes and just don't need the train running non-stop.  Once every N minutes would be fine though. An entry on the train schedule that said "pause" would be great.  (Ex: Station 1 > Station 2 > Station 3 > Pause 5 minutes > repeat)

- For Trucks - I'd love a specialized stop similar to a truck station, but just a smaller place where you pull in and get fuel refilled.  No loading or unloading cargo, just a big container filled with fuel that fills fuel tanks of vehicles that pull in.  In areas where fuel is not easily connectable, It would be nicer than having to have a storage container hanging off of an empty truck station to feed fuel, and sometimes you just want fuel.  Would be nice to put that station somewhere on my regularly used routes.

- For both Trucks and Trains I'd love a "run once" or "run N times".  I do this often during intermittent production runs, and it's dull waiting for the truck or train to come back so I can disable it when it gets there before I go exploring.  It's a small thing, but I kind of dislike the idea of trains and trucks running in circles unnecessarily for hours while I'm away.
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Regarding the fuel station, you can already do this using truck stations.

Truck stations have two inputs and 1 output. For the two inputs, one is for storage and the other is for fuel. If you want to make an automated fuel station, you need to do two things:

1. Set the station to load. As long as you keep the storage compartment of the station empty, you never have to worry about the station automatically screwing with your truck's inventory.
2. Attach a belt to feed fuel into the fuel tank of the truck station. Assuming you give the station power, whenever you drive near the station, it will automatically fill your vehicle with fuel as long as the supply remains. (Also, as long as the fuel you are currently using is the same as the fuel the station is providing).

I do this exact thing sporadically around the map. I'll make random fuel stations that I can just drive through real quick and automatically fill up at.
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