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Hi, I wanted to report a couple of bugs during my playthrough.

1) early in the game I fell through the map in a location into a tiny inescapable cave.  From above ground, even after clearing I couldn't very really see into the hole and I think it was probably not intended to be there.  The location is on the little floating island with the coal node on it - at the south side of the map.  I was walking from the coal node over toward the other little floating island with the caterium.  Photo links attached.



2. A large rock that I could see through.  Picture was located up near the crashed pod surrounded by uranium radiation that needed 6 turbo motors to get the hard drive - and just getting on top of the adjacent cliff and walking down the hill from there (I think northerly direction) it's the first big rock on the right near the stream as I was walking down the hill (again I think in northerly direction).

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This kind of thing is best reported using the in-game bug reporting tool - that will share with the devs important things like your EXACT position in the world.
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