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Since the cloud save update, I've been having this issue.

Issue: Anytime I log into the game (or load a save), I spawn near the M.A.M., my inventory is empty and my previous character with my inventory is standing where I previously logged out. Note that my action bar at the bottom doesn't reset however, and my progress on the map is saved properly and synced on the cloud.

My current workaround: Always log out at the same place, keeping a xeno-basher in a personal chest nearby. Upon logging in, grab the xeno-basher to kill my old self and loot everything.

Additional info and what I tried: 

  • Made sure I'm always logged into the Epic Games launcher and launch the game from there. Also made sure the game welcomes me using my Epic Games username when I load my game. I'm always connected to the Internet.
  • I had to format my computer's hard drive due to an unrelated issue, a clean install did not fix the issue.
  • My saves are properly saved in %localappdata%\FactoryGame\Saved\SaveGames\some_epic_id. I also have a common folder, but it hasn't been used in a while (last modified file 3 weeks ago).
  • There is nothing in the old save location (Documents/My Games/...)
  • There is only one Epic Games account on my computer.
  • I disabled my firewall and uninstalled antivirus software.

The bug is consistent, I understand some people have this issue when playing offline, but why am I getting this behavior while online, what are my options? Thank you!

Update 2019-11-06: I have the same bug consistently in my two worlds that existed before the cloud saves update. However I created a new world and no repro there. Perhaps something wrong with the compression/migration of save files?

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I too have had this issue, sent a screen capture along with a comment to their FaceBook page messenger and they just closed it with no reply.  So I started a new game in the Experimental version and it saved and worked about 5 times, then started doing the same thing.  I sent a copy of the log as it was running and it showed that even logged into my  Epic account when trying to contact a pass thru server in the USA, the 'Who is' reported as a Amazon hosting address and returned a bad logon.  Not sure if that is CoffeStains or Amazon or Epics issue.
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Where can I find the log? Is it just available for experimental builds?

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This may be just something to do with your internet connection. Make sure you are really online and logged in to the epic client before launching the game. Sometimes some firewall software blocks access to the internet to the game's EXE and causes this. Consider temporarily disabling your firewall software and then try again. If that solves the problem then go in the firewall software and create an exception for the game's EXE files.
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Update: No repro with another world, which would point to a bug in the save files, perhaps something that was broken during the save file migration of the cloud save update. I opened the files and it's binary data, so it will be hard to investigate this on my end. Meanwhile, if anybody has any pointers, please let me know!
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Maybe your firewall is blocking the game to access the internet. Please check on your firewall settings.
As far as I know, I had the same problem, unless you are connected to the internet.
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That's not it. As stated, I tried disabling my firewall.
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Have you tried to "allow" your game through your firewall externally by yourself. It sometimes happens that you accidentally click on "no" when the game wants to ask permission for accessing the internet on public and private networks for the first time, and this dialog box never comes back again.

Go to Control Panel - System and Security - Windows Defender Firewall - Allowed Apps.

Then click on Change Settings.

 Then find each instance of "Satisfactory" and  "factorygame-win64-shipping.exe" in the given list and check all the check boxes in and around it.

Try it, idk if its gonna work for you or not.
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dasaniket20002: Try reading. They said they -DISABLED- their firewall already. As in turned off. As in firewall not even running. That's not the problem, it's something else.
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