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Edit: I think this needs a bit of clarification, so here's a quick statement of fact: In this thread, i'm talking about the ore nodes that contain only about 100 ressource and must be hand mined. They have a fixed location on the map, but the ressource type is randomly generated meaning that uranium can spawn at any location where such a node exists.

I decided to start a new game yesterday. I crafted my way to tier 3-4 so that I could get coal power running only to find out that there's a random uranium node right next to the one coal node that is reasonably accessible in the plains zone. I promptly deleted that entire save game because I just don't want to deal with that at all.

 As far as I'm concerned, random Uranium nodes should not be a thing. We just don't have the means to deal with Uranium until late game. I could understand if there was a reasonable way to deal with the issue early on, but as it is, I would be near the end of a play through and that Uranium node would still be a thorn in my side. Real world uranium is also far less radioactive, especially unrefined ore. I'm not a proponent of nuclear by any kind of definition, but heck, the current implementation of uranium in this game is just promoting false stereotypes and fear mongering.
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There definitely should be exclusion zones around resources. This could be a huge setback. Thanks for the heads up. I do speed runs and it would be a shame if the run was spoiled by something like this.
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You can speedrun Satisfactory? what's the "completion objective"?
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For me it is reaching tier 5 as soon as possible. You can just about do it in a day or so.
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Why not tier 7?
I am going to do a tier7% speedrun at some point
I bet Powerslugs would help
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i don't see the real problem here, yea it's annoying, but the radiation isn't that high. ignore it and wait to you'll get a hazmat suit
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