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Nowadays, programmable keyboards and mouses are rather ubiquitous. I just wouldn't do without them. They are really useful for repetitive tasks and greatly reduce strain on the hands during long play sessions.

In Satisfactory, I've noticed that using macros creates rather jerky behavior. For exemple, the run macro that i typically use creates a start stop motion. I use a similar macro to mine or simply hold the craft button when crafting several hundreds of items and it simply fails intermittently.

In both cases, the problem is the game detecting the key down and taking a really long time to react to the key up action a thousandth of a second later. This should be treated as a single long stroke.

The detection of key up and key down in this game can cause issues even when not using macros. For exemple, I have a funny video of a key down action which wasn't detected and resulted in me continually mining despite having left the ore node. This happened rather early during a play through, so lag was not a factor. I can only guess how messy things might get once lag sets in. The detection of inputs needs to be improved in this game.
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The game is designed for humans...

If you feel you must use a macro then modify this so that the game doesn't react oddly.
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It's being played by a human. Said human does not want to hold the left mouse button for 10 minutes hand crafting things. Once you get old enough, your hands slow down and they tell you that you probably shouldn't be holding a button for 10 minutes straight. There's a reason why there's a lot of images out there of guys just putting a weight on the space bar or something like that. It's a primitive form of macro, but it's exactly the same thing that I'm doing, with the difference that I'm using the software of my mouse and keyboard to do it. Theses macros don't play the game for you, they just do something really repetitive and simple that does not require any brain power.
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