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It would be nice to have storage containers with only half the capacity.

I imagine there could be two versions: One that is only half as long and one that is only half as high.

edit: to clarify, i mean containers that do have conveyor input and output.
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Especially for early game, it would be nice if it was possible to reduce capacity of existing storage containers to limit amount of power and biofuel needed for the production line to fill up the storage. Sure, you can put stacks of single piece of something else into the container to block these slots but that only works for the final storage used to manually grab things into inventory. And even as such it still feels wonky and can be easily screwed up e.g. by sorting the storage.
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Not to mention stuff you dont need 24 slots of, like beacons (2400 beacons will last forever, let alone with a machine filling it up).
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and maybe one that fits in between belts (ex. if you have 3 on top of each other) so that you can fit it in between, maybe a very small one with only 3 stack spaces?
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so much needed! .. a small "personal storage" with conv connection

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There is a very small storage container already in-game. Just go craft it.
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You are right, but what I mean are actual containers with conveyor in- and output.
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