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You plan to port the game to DX12?smiley  On maps with huge bases the performance drops very much, especially when there are many conveyor belts with resources on them.

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Hopefully they would support an open-standards API like Vulcan instead of Microsoft's "Closed and Walled Garden" that is DirectX-12, which only works on Windows 10. Vulcan works on many multiple operating systems.
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The issue is the CPU not GPU.

The game is CPU hungry.
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I meant that if there are many buildings then the performance drops greatly due to the problems in the DX11, so I ask if I should expect an upgrade to the DX12 in the game.  I know this is very difficult, but obviously the game needs it because the DX 12 is designed to optimize the performance of the game engine with a large number, as well as the new API optimized for better interaction with the CPU.
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