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hi was just wondering if you had any thoughts of putting in a belt/container-scanner/filter to make a container or belt only accept certain things so we people can make huge sorting systems. i love making extreme systems and saw there is no way to block certain items from entering specific containers so would just give a heads up would be amazing if it came :).

and thanks for the amazing game to the creators out there
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It seems to me smart or programmable splitters might be the solution for what you're asking for.
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yes just someway of like being able to have everything on alot of belts but still make only specific things go into certain places
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The question is what you mean by "have everything on alot of belts". In the broadest sense, what works reliably are belt buses. Just have one belt per product (or a few belts per product) and then split/send them wherever you need them. No filtering/sorting necessary.
If you want mixed contents belts, there's major problem with them in the game but it's not due to lack of sorting/filtering. It's due to lack of excess management. If you send two products over single belt and the consumption and production rates don't quite match, one product will eventually block feed the other product entering the belt and reaching its consumers. And if you extract the excess at the end of the belt, you have nowhere to send it to - the best you can do is to route it back to the belt start. But there it will be merged with more of the product until the belt will eventually fill up with the excess product, blocking the other product again.

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It's already in the game, you just need the tech for it; and unless you want to get that tech very late in the game you'll need to find and research a certain initially unknown ore using the MAM.

However, see the point about excess management made in one of the comments. Huge sorting systems will generally run into the issue that any excess product in the system will eventually clog the system.
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