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Playing on EarlyAccess, not Experimental. Using the MoarFactory mod (v0.6) loaded with SML (v1.02). This has occurred with multiple different computers hosting, on several different networks.

Steps to repeat:
1) Start up save game. check that NAT is moderate - restart if not
2) Friend joins (ensure NAT is moderate, restart is not)
- All goes as expected, join happens successfully
3) Friend relogs, crashes the host instance to desktop with either an empty UE4 error box or a UE4 error box referencing an error on Line 91 of a ~\AI\Navigation\NavigationTypes.cpp under C:/Jenkins/....

This is making the game nearly unplayable because desyncs cause the secondary player to need to relog frequently, necessitating the host exit to desktop and relaunching. We tried rolling back the mods, the SML, the everything. We had more mods before (Farming, Advanced Logistics, Renewable Power, with the SID dictionary "mod" as the glue), but we removed them and every item trace from the game.

Here is the CrashContext.runtime-xml: https://pastebin.com/WyKz9Y7z
Here is the FactoryGame.log: https://controlc.com/d80d4ba6

I have looked through the myriad of crashes we have had and they are extremely varied. Some are about the Chunk Hashes needing to match, some are "NumPakChunks == Pak.ChunkHashes.Num()", others are empty, others mention a "foliage removal" function, and others are "Ensure condition failed: bIsValid" and reference a file [...\AI\Navigation\NavigationTypes.cpp] [Line: 91]. 

If this is a bad save, is there a way to fix it? If it's not a bad save, what can we do to get around this?

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Multiplayer in general is pretty screwed up right now. The developers are currently working on creating dedicated servers for multiplayer. That should fix almost all of these sorts of issues. We just need to be patient for them to finish creating it.
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