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Hey guys!

First of all, sorry if my english isnt the perfect one.

Now to my question: I already read a lot of Posts to this subject i made, but i didnt see a problem like mine.

The Programm splitters arent working 100% right. I have a train station where i get all my ressources from (about 50 different ones) to my so called "Final Store" where all different items are going in different containers (on one or two belts). So if my items reaches the splitters they WILL split it appart, BUT in none specific order.

For an example lets say, the "middle" output is for all ressources, and the "right" output only for concrete. So even if there are many concretes behind each other or compeltely splittet appart, SOMETIMES the Programmable splitter will split them in the "right" output and sometimes they will split it in the middle. The hard point is, that even if i do a loopsystem, they will splitt it after the finishing loop again sometimes in the "right" output, and sometimes just in the "middle" output". So lets say if this completly system loops about 10-20 times, the resources reaches the right container, neither at the first or second attempt.

Its not like they "arent splitt", they split it, but not with a 100% accuracy i guess.

i changed to the slowest conveyor belts and i even tryed to slow it down step by step (with conveyer belts) but neither of those solutions fixed the problem i got. The bad thing is, there are often only 1-2 items "not reaching their goal" but at the amount of items i do sent to the "final store" this counts up alot. So if, lets say, there are 1200 items are running the conveyer belts down to my stores, about 98% of those items reaches the correct container. The order of items which are running the belts down, areialways different. But there is no "clear" failure in my splitting. Because the items always changes which arent reaching their goal. Sometimes its concrete, sometimes its more sulfur and concrete, sometimes there are cabel and so on. There is no clear pattern for me.

I hope u guys get my problem and i do hope u guys have any solution for me which might help me out.

PS: changing to the other splitters (dont know how the called in english) wont solve the problem either.

Edit: I am playing at the latest version (not on experimental) and i do have mods aswell, but the problem was even before i had the mods.

thx and sorry again for my english <x)
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There are two general material selections in the splitter: Any and Any unselected.
"Any unselected" will make sure the filtered materials will only enter their respective filtered outputs. If they block, the splitter will block
"Any" will not block the splitter if the filtered outputs get blocked, sending the excess through the "any" output. On the other hand, it may send the filtered materials through the common output randomly even if the filtered outputs are not blocked.
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Is the middle output set to "Any" or "Any Not Assigned?" I don't know if they fixed it, but the splitters used to work by prioritizing the left output over the middle and the middle over the right. So when you try to split the same resource out of two outputs, it will prioritize outputting it on the left-most output.

If you set the programmable splitter to only sort the non-assigned materials, then you shouldn't have to worry about any materials being sorted incorrectly.
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hey, thx for your answer!
The destination isnt full, BUT u might helped me a bit. I use sometimes other belts. So the speed changes a lot....
Well i have to double check this! thx
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okay! i have to check this aswell, i guess i did the right way, BUT at least u gave me a thought, what i could change!
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i guess i splittet it that way (the right one) but i double check it! thx

IF nothing saves my problem, i will defenitly change the output to the left direction instead of the right . thx!

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Okay guys, thx, i found the solution:

It wasnt set on "any undefinied" plus i had to set the left output to "none". This solved the problem 100%

thx for your help!!!!
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