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This might sound in theory, similar to other suggestions, but I think the middle mouse click (MMC), needs a direct overhaul.

Please here me out.

Destroy the current build menu, or leave it as an alternative. CTRL+MMC, will give you a circular overlay on the current location of the mouse cursor, on screen. Think of this like the ping wheel in most FPS style games.  It will give you a base selection of Production, Logistics, Organization, etc.. then from there you can select from a column, which item (conveyor, assembler, lookout tower, etc..) you would like to place. Also, instead of having the belts listed individually, allow clicking of conveyor to give an option to select belt speed?? HMM?? The same can be done for other items that have multiple levels of operation and function. And lastly, when placing a machine that uses and kind of recipe, allow the player to select what that machine builds, immediately after placing the machine in location.

I'm not trying to sound demanding, and also don't know if any of this would possibly break other things in the game. But if it works, I believe it would be a Satisfactory addition in the Quality of Life department.

Comment below how you would change this, or improve upon it. I'm open =)

I know it sounds like other suggestions, and I believe the previous suggestions for the MMC are great options too. I just wanted to present this fresh idea.

Thank you.
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Sounds like too much UI tbh, and I for one would find it counter-productive to have a popup asking me to configure each building I place down when I place it down.

There are better, more elegant solutions to the issue of selecting stuff to place down as well as configuring large sets of buildings already implemented in a game I shall not name here and they work wonderfully in that game.

Basically, it's the combination of a building picker (point at something you've already placed down to start placing more of those) and the ability to copy building settings and mass-paste them by dragging your mouse over the targets.

I'd like to see that done instead of adding more UI to a game that already has too much of it.
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good idea, i really mean thet BUT with all the info in the current build menu, there is no way this would feel natural. i can see where you're going with this, but on second thought i don't think it would fit the game
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