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The game currently does not allow us to place a belt randomly in the world without having it connect to an existing connection point such as a conveyorpole, logistics or machines.
However, when we click on a connection and drag the belt, the end piece of that belt comes with a free conveyorpole allowing us to extend it with another piece.

I would like to be able to place a belt anywhere by providing the starting piece of belt with a conveyor pole if it doesnt snap to an existing connection, as if it was the end piece of belt.

For example:
- aim at ground with belt selected
- no connection to snap to
- shows belt + conveyorpole icon in aimed location
- click to place starter piece
- drag to where end of belt should go
- ???
- profit.

this will make it a 2-click solution to place a belt launcher to traverse the map while exploring or wanting to move fast across your factory using belts as jetpack launchers.

Right now we have to place down a (stackable) conveyor pole first, switch back to the belt and drag out the belt.
This would just be a minor QoL change to skip the step of placing a pole first and then switching back to the belt.

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Is it really that difficult for you to take 5 seconds to place a pole and 2 seconds to remove it afterwards?
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not sure how what you say is an answer, but I tagged it as 'quality of life' for a reason

. it's just a tiny improvement to make it slightly easier to build belt launchers while exploring and doesn't change anything for existing factories and how we build them as in factories you'll still just snap to connection points.

This would only apply in places where there's nothing to snap to initially and makes it slightly easier/ faster.
Since the 'add conveyorpole to belt end-code' already exists, I think it won't necessarily take a whole lot to apply that piece of code to the initial belt piece too.
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You have to have a pole first to place a belt to.. how else would you get it up high in the air? This isn't "Quality of life", it's more just people being lazy. I've played over 500 hours in Satisfactory and I never once even thought about wanting to place belts without a pole first. It's just logical.. it needs something to attach to.
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the whole point is to create a poleautomatically in the starting piece of belt  if there isnt anything for the belt to snap to, allowing us to do this:

-click for starting position on ground ( places pole and pulls out belt from that pole)
- drag and click for end of belt on ground ( places a pole at end of belt just like it currently already does)

Also, Please dont use your hours in-game to try and give your view on this more credibility.

I also dont want this to be a thing for mid-air belt placement, it should work just like the current poles do, where you have to place them on solid ground.
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I already place a lot of poles on belts, when trying to do stackers, because of too many snap points (snaps to belt instead of the stacker). Adding the poles when starting out, would just double the issue.

So the 5 sec it takes to place down a pole, for jet belt, once a blue moon, does not make up for the issues this will cause else where.
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I've personally only had that issue less than 10x in the many hours I've played the game.

It sounds like another check to prevent poles on belts would be a nice addition to this.
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Poles WILL place on belts. I know it triggers some peoples OCD, but not everyone HAS OCD. As Odd said, it would cause more issues for more people than it would help.
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perhaps, but if the general playerbase feels that poles on belts is a bad thing, the devs could implement a check for the pole position and if that position is on a belt, turn red so there cannot be placement, right?
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