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ISSUE : Rocky Desert Stone Snails have inappropriate animation when approached.

VERSION : EA 106504

The Stone Snails that you see on the ground either singly or in small groups have an animation that is much too fast under certain circumstances.


The expected behaviour that is usually shown with the single Stone Snails is that they follow their normal path with a slow wiggle of their 6 legs. When approached by the player they stop moving forward, speed up the wiggle animation and burrow a tiny distance under the ground surface until the player goes away then they repeat their normal movement.

When there is a large group of snails all following each other such as the group at the location shown in the image below, the animation is broken...


When approached they continue to follow the snail in front, do not pause their movement, do not burrow below the surface and speed up the wiggle to ridiculous speed. The entire snail jerks on its axis much too fast and the legs "multiply" because they are moving so fast.

I appreciate this is just a cosmetic issue but when you have a base near the snails it is something that you will observe a lot and it would be nice to have it checked.
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i personally fucking love their spasms, like the frst time i saw it i literraly lol'ed
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