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This is not much of a feature as it would be a luxury for immersive game-play.

I am someone who loves these futuristic alien, space games; such as Elite Dangerous and Star Citizen. Those games have partnered with HCS voicepacks to make almost your entire spaceship voice controllable. Not only that but it reads out certain information about something if you ask specifically for it. The voice actress of ADA fits perfectly in this situation.

My thoughts where...  To let her take over almost all menu functions in the game.. As an example I would like to command her to scan for certain ores. So I say in my microphone "ADA, Scan for iron" instead of pressing the button yourself and hovering your mouse over the Iron icon.. the voice program "Voice-attack" together with HCS voicepacks would execute this search sequence automatically. 

This is do-able with constructions as well. "ADA, Equip conveyor belt mark 3" The result would be: the crafting menu opening, then skip to the logistic section and select the belt Mk.3. OR Just input the requested item in the search-bar and automatically select it from there.

Additionally, the information about resources would be also very nice to have. "ADA, what is Bacon Agaris" And it would respond with all the information that I usually get from scanning it in the M.A.M. 

IF HOWEVER This requested resource has not yet been scanned by the M.A.M. She could respond with. This item of interest is unknown within my Data-banks.

As much as I believe the demand for something like this is minimal.. If something like this would be possible along while after the games release. I would instantly buy it for maximum immersion. 


After discussing the possibilities of implementing the Idea with the members of HCS voicepacks; The result came in as a negative for now. Satisfactory is currently not supporting an API in which certain "game-states" are being specified. These are necessary to perform an active integration between satisfactory and the plugin.

If in the future the developers of Coffee stain studio's could make these API's then I think this could still work.

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We can provide it.  I am speaking with Toad, one of my team members at HCS.  I'll see what we can do and if it's viable.  If you want to talk to us about what you believe might be helpful in yes of a command set, come and talk to us in Discord.
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By all means. It would be my pleasure. I have joined the community discord. In which channel should I direct this conversation?
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