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So I love satisfactory. I've put 170+ hours into my own saves and I've watched many different youtube play throughs, but in all that time it's very very rare you ever see programmable splitters used.

I like the idea of them don't get me wrong, combining different items into single belt is a good idea to save space and can be useful in a few situations. However they have several flaws, for example If just one of their output lines gets filled up they grind to a halt which stops the flow to the other two lines. Also with the addition of conveyor lifts, stackable conveyor poles and stackable splitters its easy and (personally) visually pleasing to stack different lines on top of each other rather than use them.

So what can be done to make them more useful?

Well there's a common technique used in large factories nicknamed "Load Balancing" in which you split the flow of materials from one or more inputs evenly between a number of different outputs. This sometimes requires some creative thinking as regular splitters can only split either 50/50 or 33/33/33, which leads to many clusters and stacks of "Load Balancer" splitters and mergers ending up around factories, and I believe that this could be a extra use of the Smart/ Advanced Splitters.

As well as having the option to filter one or many items, you could add the ability to adjust the individual percentage outputs of each line coming out of them. This would mean you could control the flow of outputs from the splitters so they don't get backed up as often. This would also mean that instead of having to build a really complex "Load Balancer" to split one or several lines evenly between multiple outputs, you could place a few smart or advanced splitters down and set it (for example 15%/70%/15% or 20%/80%) and you're done. Easy. This would save a lot of factory space, time and headaches trying to figure out how to get the correct flow into your machines.

Thanks for reading and you never know with a bit of luck this might even get added!
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It sounds like a great idea. Let's hope the devs like the idea to.
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"Please use the search function before posting a new question and upvote existing ones to bring more attention to them, It will help us a lot. <3"
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yea, i think i myself made this suggestion back when the game just launched to the public
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Was just thinking about that too, it would make my life way easier.
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