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After the update the trains have no power had to go and , Remove then replace the stations for the power to get to the trains.
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Same problem here, I just had to replace one of the train stations to restore power to the tracks.  I also had to redefine the time table for the station I removed and replaced.   The name didn't change once re-created, the time table was just empty for that slot.  clicking on it and selecting the station fixed it.
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Agree the thing i noticed aswell is that when u close the game saving then reload it the trains have no power again.At least it will be fixed soon.

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are you serious????

i have a lot of gare station....

please fix this problem CS!!
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kmarkopl Mate go take a break i guess u have been playing for a while.This is a bug report not a crying post so respect what we post here .Thank You.
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So your way to down vote is to flag my comment!?
That option is not for that!
I been playing the game since closed alpha, and am more respectful to devs than you!!
They clearly stated it in patch notes there will be bugs, and experimental version is just for that !!
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I kinda thought the main purpose of this site was to let the dev's know what the bugs were.  *shrug*
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kinda insteresting that a person has the 'respect' in their vocabulary but talks so rude and offensive.I feel sorry for you mate hope you will get help soon.
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calm down buddy, go do something fun to take your mind off of things.
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