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1. Overclocking

You can overclock (almost) any building in Satisfactory. So I would like if the devs added an option for overclocking the Freight Platform / Trainstation. This would multiply the loading unloading speed like any other building too.

2. Freight Car Coloring

Personally I would want to get colored freight containers based off the station's color to get a better overview of what the train has loaded. However this principle should not  be applied to the Locomotive, it should be paintable with the Color Gun itself.

3. Train Station Directions / Design

I know this is a duplicate, but I want to add an extra tweak: You definitely should be able to choose the side which the station is on for enabling a right-hand traffic. But I'd like to be able to get a bit more configuration possibilities, for example removing the roof. I would like in general to have more alternate design for buildings.

Also the Collision Box needs to be adjusted so we can build Platforms next to the Station.

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The animation takes that time, because thats the speed the items gets move from 1 container to the other. So it cant really be overclocked.
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You're absolutely Right. Maybe it should be faster with a Freight Platform 'Mk.2' instead of overclocking.
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