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Often in Satisfactory, I want to build something and it doesn't work because of the games limitations.

With the suggested 'DevMode or Tools' enabled you could edit things like:

1. Disabling the collision check, so you could build anything anywhere you want or similar useful features.

2. Adjust the Player Speed(also useful to get timelapse shots or similar in a video) and vehicle max speed cap.

3. Enabling Players to fly indefinitely and NoClip.

4. Change / Disable the Day/Night Cycle(although it is timed very well). 

5. Being able to kill all enemies with a button press or respawn them.

6. Disable damage (duplicate, but still wanted to add it to the list).

7. Repopulate all the Paleberry and Beryl Nut plants at once (and replace if chopped down with a chainsaw, same with all trees and bushes.

8. Give the engineer an amount of specified items / clear the inventory.

Those things could also be set when enabling the 'Creative Mode' people are suggesting

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Look to your right !!

Been asked multiple times !!

Next time use your empty brain and search option !!
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Sorry, forgot to save the changes i've made to the question since posting it, I couldn't seem to find the desired 'Disable Collisions' option in the other answers or the web.
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