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Is there a way to patch the exploit of building a foundation, leaving an area so enemies despawn, then returning to find area has been cleared.
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Who says this is an exploit?  It makes sense to me. I don't want to be focused on placing items, caught in menus when being shot by 2-5 spawns of red/green/yellow 'flames'.

I travel out if I need to farm.

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Only way, would be to disable buildings stopping spawns. Meaning enemys will spawn inside your factory.
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Makes sense.  Maybe a way to validate if you have already cleared area boolean...
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and not have respawns for farming?
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Have boolean for cleared or uncleared enemies and if foundation or building present.  That way if foundation exists, and not cleared then still spawn.  If no foundation, regardless of clear or unclear, spawn enemies (so can still farm)
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Would it be easier, and require a lot less coding, to just not use that particular exploit if you are not in favor of it? I mean, I am fully capable of controlling my own game play, and not giving 2 F's about how someone else plays theirs.  ;)
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The other way is to disable or limit your ability to build in a location until it is conquered. With conquering requiring some kind of quest to be completed, such as acquiring location's Mercer Sphere.
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