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Machines are sometimes misaligned to foundations after placing them. Here you can see the belt from the output is crooked as the pole snaps to the foundation grid but the machine is not properly aligned. This didn't happen before the update, they were always straight.

This also interferes with alignment to splitters/mergers.

Cooked belt from machine output

Misaligned lift/merger

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https://questions.satisfactorygame.com/32285/ex-109370-big-bug-bonanza (#6)

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Confirmed. I even replaced the foundations and the snap points are still not working as intended.

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ich hatte das Problem auch, ich habe dann die Konstukter/Kohlekraftwerke etwa 1cm weiter auseinander gestellt, danach war die grĂ¼ne Linie wieder korrekt zu sehen und die Splitter/Fusionatoren sind wieder normal mit den Maschinen zu verbinden.
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