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When the player makes landfall and deconstructs the pod, if they die after having dropped the hub parts on the ground at least once, (whether they pick it back up or not) the spawn point will change. The behavior is slightly different for each spawn biome. This can be repeated to get to another spawnpoint.

repro :

start a new game

dismantle hub

drop hub parts on the ground,


notice you're not where you made landfall.
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No, there's 3 default spawn point if you die without place the hub. Once you've placed the HUB, you'll spawn there when you die but if you dismantle it then the 3 default spawn point with be active again.
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not the behavior i noticed
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Just tested it again and Grass Fields has 3 spawn points, Rocky Desert has 3 too but Northern Forest, I only spawned at 2 different spawn points. I must of died like 30 sometime in the Northern Forest and I could spawn on the 3th one. Maybe there's is only 2.

It seem that I did spawn in the same spot like 7 times in a row. At least the Hub cube does have a beacon on it so it's easy to find your way back to it.
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great this agrees with my testing. did you notice the link between dropping the hub parts and changing spawn points as well?
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No, not really. I tried it both ways  "dropping the cube and keeping it in the inventory" and didn't notice any difference.
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