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The experimental build has changed how resources are split, after right clicking, you get a dialog that you have to confirm to perform the split.

The new UI is probably an improvement for most people, however it makes it really tedious to distribute biomass/fuel into generators:

Let's say I have 4 generators, I usually try to put the same amount of fuel into each of them so they will all run empty at the same time. In the "live" build, I can just right click on my 200 fuel, and then again right click again on the two 100 fuel stacks and have four 50 stacks. This takes a second.

In experimental, I have to move my mouse to the confirm button each time, making this process much more annoying. I'm not looking forward to having to fill 8 generators.

My suggestion is to add a preference toggle for both styles of splitting (or maybe activate it by holding ctrl+right click), so people like me can get their fast split, and others can get the more user friendly, but slower method
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Yes, I agree. There was nothing wrong with the old split stack feature. The only thing that was a pain, is when you were trying to split a specific amount. When moving the slider, you had to be really CAREFUL not to move the cursor outside of the slider dialogue box or it would cancel the split and you'd have to start over.

By simply removing this constraint on the cursor during this operation would prevent premature closures.
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