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i need quartz oscilators for the vehichle in exploration

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You could always (ab)use the exploit where, if you build something near a critter and then leave the area for a while, the critter will despawn without you having to fight it.
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Build a rifle and shoot the guys while standing on top of a pillar of foundations.
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Drive around somewhere else on the map. There are small quartz deposits all over the map that aren't surrounded by enemies. Besides that if you have a vehicle you can easily kill all enemies. Drive vehicle at enemies very fast, hop out of vehicle and it will hit the enemy and make them rag-doll around and give you a few short seconds to melee kill it before it "Wakes up". Then hop in vehicle, drive away and come back and repeat until it dies. You can't be hurt while in vehicles so just do it repeatedly.
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- drive into them witha vehicle to push them into their ragdoll state, then whack them with a xenoblade.

- ask somebody to help you in multiplayer
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Can’t ? Unless you have some intense lag spikes during combat (it happened to me a lot before I switched to an SSD) there is no such thing : just craft/gather some healing items. This way, you can outlast any threat. 

Only a point-blank hit from the fire-spitting spheres things could possibly one-hit you and even so, it’s an incredibly rare occurrence. 

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