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Maybe in a future Tier:

A space Terminal to build and launch "Shuttles" (that have to be built from parts in Tiers ! thru 7) ...that travel between planets, equipped with Solar Arrays (made from "Dense Micro-foam") to harvest and capture "Star Dust" used to generate "Star Power".

Mining on "Asteroids" for previously unknown "Alien Minerals" to be used to make new metals

. Mined minerals have to "Shuttled" back to home planets for processing (instead of "conveyor belts")

On some planets players will encounter aliens who offer now "un-craftable" items (by us) in trade (no money please) for the items we make now, such as a "Plasma Launcher" for 1000 Turbo Motors, for destroying the "poison pillars" , or parts to construct different looking locomotives, (for 1000 Crystal Osillators each) or transparent glass pillars to hold up monorail tracks..

A Train Tunnel Boring Machine. (A Mk 3 miner attached to a freight car that bores a train tunnel through a mountain, the debris from the boring would be stored in the freight car that would lay track (steel pipes and steel beams) carried in the same freight car. Slowly edging the train forward, pushing the Boring Machine ahead of it would initiate the tunnel (retracting the machine to empty it and replenish the steel for rails) yes, it would be a slow process, but so is real tunnel boring.

And lastly "Matter Transporters" that would transport materials (not people) from asteroids and planets to and from the HUB home planet.

Just a few thoughts for a future Tier.

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Devs have confirmed, no other planets or interstellar travel

Also there won't be any possibility to modify the terrain as the map is manually created
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Wait for "Satisfactory : Beyond" after this game is finalized.
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