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Roof parts to top off a building would be nice, i use foundations for now but in a one storey building, the thin square foundation is still to thick for a doorway. I also wanted to put walls and roofs on my coal-power-plant, so that only the chimneys where visible (like a proper factory) but the hitbox of the coal generator was to large.

-Maybe a roof part that doesnt get so easily obstructet would be a solution to this.

-Or a more detailed hitbox, so chimneys and similar extrusions can be better used for a buildings design. In that case a thinner foundation(maybe 1m or 0.5m) would do the trick.
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I don't think a roof part that ignores collision or a more detailed hitbox would happen, but I agree with an actual roof or at least thin foundation part, I found it awkward building with 2m thick foundations in a lot of places.
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Yeah now that i think about it a part that ignores collision wouldnt be Professional, thought of some restrictions, like you can only build it in top of walls and are still able to walk on it, tough.
And for the hitboxes no big Change but instead of a giant cuboid(still using the coalplant as example), a rough outlining for the chimney, so like a square outcrop roughly the size of one tile( thickness and hight same as before but not the length) would do and also doesnt sound Impossible or even that labor intentsive to make.
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Roof blocks in a similar style to the current wall blocks I think would be Ideal, Especially if there's 4x4x2 and 4x4x4 sloped variants.
If that is added however, a sloped wall section would be needed to cap off the ends of a roofed section.
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