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We want walls to form circular structures, circular foundations, and we also want circular columns among other varieties for construction.
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Second that.
For the time being you can check this : https://ficsit.app/
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I know there are mods to do this but officially wanted in the game.
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Seen several people build round structures without any mods. It's a bit tricky, and a bit exploity. You can find more than a few instructional videos on various platforms.
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You right Shadetree00 but I would widely prefer proper structures (even if this particular z-fight case is not the worst I've seen by far, it always tends to annoy me). However, I have mixed feelings. I mean : modding is always a strong point in any game (even more when officially supported) but when it develops so much in Early Access it makes me worry about some aspect of the game neglected for convenience since someone else already took care of community's "desires". By this I'm not insinuating anything, just considering a possible "scenario". CSS have done wonders so far, their pattern is promising.
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The term exploit applies to things which are not permitted by game mechanics. Given that the current method for building circles falls completly within what is permitted by the game it is not an exploit. Hence, building circles is what I would call clever use of building mechanics.
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