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I noticed there is no indicator to show when a conveyor lift is the same height as another one it is in line with. It would just make sense to have this in place. Just a vertical version of the green indicator that appears when you are lining up inputs with outputs. This came up while trying to make conveyor lifts to go over a train station and i struggled to make the belt parallel with the foundation base it was attached to. Being so high and having the lifts so far apart made it difficult to just do it by eye.
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might want to make this a 'suggestion' instead of a bug report. I like this though, maybe make it so that it aligns with the one you're aiming at.
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ok thx for the advice, thought it was more likely to be a bug as i found it hard to believe it would be something they missed
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Perhaps as an extension to the already existing greenish line which appears when something is lined up correctly in the horizontal plane - have this change to another colour when it's also aligned in the vertical plane.
There's already an angled line when you place a splitter at a suitable height for a conveyor to lower the material to an input on a machine.
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yeah that is what I was trying to suggest in the suggestion.  Perhaps I didnt word it very well...

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Maybe instead of "lights' up the side, it could have floor numbers.
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I can see the use in that but it gets weird if the elevators are starting at different elevations. Would be better to just have a indication of its vertical height above sea-level but i believe that has already been mentioned in another question
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place a row of foundations at the top where you want the lifts to end and place a conveyor wall to connect to

connect the lifts and then delete the foundation and walls
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