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you can see in this screenshot, the diagonal limestone belt, left of the cursor. The belt is less filled than before the splitter. The belt is mk5 filled with a 900/m miner, so I'm sure it's 100% filled.


I've noticed that adding a series of splitters, lifts, results in a thoughput less than the normal maximum. I checked with a container that drains at max speed, with regular pause in the output, that never gets completely filled, even though the input is also 100% at the origin.

And it used to work fine with previous versions of course :)
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Issue appears to affect splitters. When they're only feeding one output, they do not appear to be able to fill that output to capacity. It works fine with Mark 1 or Mark 2 belts, but once you put a mark 3 belt on a splitter, the splitter *cannot* fill it. even when fed with a mark 4 belt.

Mark 4 and Mark 5 output belts are similarly affected. By my math, maximum throughput through a splitter to one mark 5 belt is about 595/minute.

This is something that only affects the experimental branch.

This measurement performed by chaining a bunch of assemblers producing steel pipe from ingots and clocking down the last machine in the line until I broke even on item production. It's probably accurate to +/- 3 or so.

This is causing a pretty-much global 20% efficiency penalty to my entire factory...
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Is the input belt stopping? If you are feeding 780 in and taking 595 out, the input belt should pause every now and then. If not, it might simply be a visual glitch.

Also remember that splitters and mergers store 9 items inside them.
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Yes it's definitely getting held up. The 595 rate I measured before is the maximum throughput I've been able to measure coming out of a splitter. the extra resources on the input side get held up as a result.

You need a really high framerate to see it stop though because the pause on the input belt is *brief*, or put another belt with a proper 780/minute flow next to it so you can compare the two belts moving.

The effect is a lot easier to see with mark 3 belts.

I've built a test rig to showcase an easy way to reproduce this issue. One large storage container, with two belts with the bottom one going through a splitter.


This is one large storage linking to two small storages stacked next to it.

After building everything, I placed exactly 2000 concrete in the large storage, then took this picture.

The bottom storage received 883 concrete. The top one received 1117.

Re-running the test without the splitter gave me the expected 1000/1000 split.
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There's some variability in the flow rates. Re-running that test a few more times got me:


I then tried a different way to measure the loss rate. I hooked the back side of those storage containers back up and turned it into an infinite loop of transport. Leaving one stack in the top small container and coming back later revealed 15 or so concrete leaked out so not even the top belt was going absolute max speed but it was negligible compared to the bottom one.

I left six hundred concrete in the bottom one and timed how long it would take for the bottom container to empty from *500* to 0 -- I waited till it hit 500 then started the timer.

It took 3:03 minutes. I was losing 2.73 concrete *per second* to the splitter, or getting about 616 concrete per minute (out of the expected 780).

I re-ran that second test and the second time around it only took 2:33 minutes to empty out. That's 3.26/s or an input flow rate of 584/minute...
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I have observed this too and was about to report but see it has already been done.

You can simulate this easily bu filling a container with items, taking a 480belt from the container into a splitter, taking another 480belt into a splitter than passing a final 480belt into a container. You will observe only around 400 items arriving at the second container in a minute.

Example : http://www.dcoffey.co.uk/images/satisfactory/SplitterTiming.jpg
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