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Hi everyone,

since the last update/patch the option to overclock a building disappeared in all buildings though the recipe was researched a long time ago and also power shards had been used in some power plants. Also those shards placed before a re still active because the energy output is still as high like with the inserted shards inside of those power plants.
So it seems it is more a UI.

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Did you used experimental version, and then got back to stable version?

If yes then there is your problem.

There is bug when the game played In experimental and then played in stable version,  will prevent you accessing overclocking in mashines.
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Ah, nice, to know, this is exactly what happened. But when I go back to experimental is the option then back again? And does the devs know about this issue?
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The problem is that when you have saved in Experimental
The Save gets broken and cause the issue with the overclocking in Stable version

Yes, that has been reported to devs
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Experimental will continue to have unlocked panels for Overclock shards if you have used it at least once, and saved using it.  Early Access will have locked panels, and you can add Overclockers, but thereafter, you can't use the slider to enable them.
Also, you may have noticed the manufacturers look VERY different in Experimental now, and are now a block taller than the big blocky looking ones in Early Access, so I have been running Experimental continuously now to rearrange more room for them and add more Overclocking.
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Thank you very much for your feedback.
Then I hope I will see my shards in the future again hehe.
I also saw the new manufacturer...looks interesting
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so got any other alternate option to enable it back in stable version???  i used to play EA then tried EX just for check out what's new , then go back to EA and found the OC is locked...
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