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a little guy that can go grab Items that were forgotten. has a way to give a top-down view with the addition of connecting it to a monitor. connects to radio towers to ping resources on the map. I want a room that I can dedicate to something more than resource build-up.

Drones and radio towers work together to detect map changes, ex falling drop pods, the creatures migrations, new ore spots, rare minerals, power surges (Emps). I like the Idea of radio towers but like they are a one and done Item becomes decorative. environmental shifts (release of lava, gas, radiation). I really wished that the creatures noticed the players' impact on the world has a problem with noise.  

players are given tasks by the corporation.
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I think if we had drones we could pilot that would be pretty sweet. Use em to explore areas before we travel there, let radio towers extend the rage we can fly the drones before losing radio signal. Something like that.
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This would be a cool implementation for sure. I would think that being able to build with this or at least plan out the building layout would be super useful. Make it a mid to end game item though.

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There won't be any drones !

Use the dam Search option !!!!!!!!
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There Is not only drones in this suggestion.
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keep calm .. your comments are not helpful
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